May Post

The park outside my balcony is bathed in the glow of a perfect early autumn day. I know many young couples are saying to each other the same thing that crosses my mind: what perfect weather for a wedding!

Our autumns on the east coast of Australia are ideal for outdoor weddings – the temperature is still relatively balmy (strapless gowns can be worn without the fear of gooseflesh spoiling your photographs), the likelihood of rain lessens (no stash of expensive umbrellas required for unexpected showers) and daylight hours are still quite long (guests under ten can still gambol on the lawns while wedding photographs are making the most of the glow of the setting sun).

The traditional flower for May is the lily of the valley, the delicate white drops native to the northern hemisphere but grown here in nurseries and quiet shaded gardens – their beauty belies the fact that that they very poisonous plants and May brides need to be careful handling their bouquets if lily of the valley is to be a featured flower!

Of course, every bride and groom will have personal reasons for selecting a specific date for their wedding and each circumstance will be different – I have married couples who planned their weddings to coincide with visits of much loved grandparents, and in the other instance, a best man’s return from overseas service; I married a lovely young couple who got married on the same day that the bride’s grandmother and later, her mother, had had their weddings.
Sometimes however the couple has the opportunity to select a day simply based on historically good weather, reasonable temperatures and a long lead time! May may be a perfect month in which to be married but you may find you are not the only couple looking for ceremony space and reception venues!

Stressless wedding planning is helped by being flexible, by remembering that the perfect location for both ceremony and reception may be desirable but neither are critical for you to have a meaningful ceremony shared with people you love and a great party to celebrate this important milestone in your life. You, your family and friends make that happen, no matter where you may end up!!